Due to the implementation of a project funded by the European Funds entitled “Implementation of innovative cardboard packaging with reduced water retention and increased durability,” we have introduced packaging with a hydrophobic coating and reduced water retention and increased durability into serial production.

The reduction of water condensation, moisture retention, and water absorption into the fibrous structure of the cardboard significantly reduces the risk of softening and deformation of the packaging, thereby minimizing the occurrence of cracks, tears, bulges, and brittleness.

By applying an emulsion coating to the external part of the packaging, the benefits will be noticeable, especially in conditions involving long-distance transportation of packaging, such as sea freight, transportation between refrigerated areas and delivery trucks, or warehouses, where significant temperature fluctuations contribute to moisture formation.

Foldable Boxes

Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables, made of 3, 5, and 7-layer corrugated boards, with E, B, C, BC, BE, CE, EBC flutes, glued or stitched, with the option of multi-color printing coated with varnish.

Die-cut Boxes

Die-cut based on various closed or open constructions (trays), for manual folding or adhesive bonding on packing machines.

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

Produced from special papers, designed for storage in refrigerated conditions.

Examples of packaging solutions.

Display boxes, exhibition packaging laminated with offset printing.

Designed with a specific purpose in mind – for store shelves, custom-made and tailored to specific products according to the individual requests of the customers.

Dividers, inserts, grids

Various dimensions, shapes, and designs

Double-wall cardboard in rolls

Of various widths, grammages, and lengths in a roll

Endless fanfold cardboard

We have a design studio that provides assistance in developing graphic designs and packaging patterns.

The company’s long-standing experience, combined with high-quality products and competitive prices, has earned the trust of many leading Polish and international manufacturers.

We offer you cooperation in the supply of corrugated cardboard packaging, providing the following:

  • competitive prices
  • high quality
  • fast turnaround time
  • offset printing
  • FLEXO printing up to five colors!