They are devices used for gluing cardboard packaging, both solid board and corrugated board. The offered gluers have great capabilities in terms of material type, shape, and size of the glued packages. An individual offer is prepared in response to customer’s needs.

We distinguish several types of gluers:

Single-point semi-automatic gluer

These machines are designed for gluing folding cartons. They are very easy to operate and set up for different packaging formats. Cold glue is used in these machines. The finished glued cartons are stacked in bundles of any desired quantity.

Single-point semi-automatic gluer

Automatic folder-gluer

These are fully automatic machines for one-point gluing of corrugated cartons. Their efficiency is about 10,000 pieces per minute. The operation of these machines involves feeding the cut cartons into them, which are automatically picked up, folded, glued, aligned, and stacked in stacks of any adjustable quantity, and then collecting the glued packages.

Automatic folder-gluer


Installation of the latest single point gluer 1600mm x 3000mm in 2022

Machine inspection at the manufacturer’s in 2021

Video of the machine inspection

Photos from the installation of the machine in the 1200×2400 format

A film showcasing the machine in operation during the acceptance at the manufacturer’s facility.

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