BOBST SPO1600 die-cutting machine for corrugated and solid board.

The machine is still in production, in good condition. It is possible to see it in operation.

In the middle of 2022 the chains, slats and other components were replaced with new ones.

In 2021 the main engine with control was replaced

YEAR 1976

Suction Plate Feeder

Stamping section


Cleaning section with quick punch assembly

Maximum sheet size: 1100mm x 1600mm gross punch board 1125 x 1660

Minimum sheet format: 520mm x 600mm

Materials: solid cardboard from 1mm thick, corrugated cardboard up to 9mm thick

Press force: 400T

Maximum mechanical speed: 6,000 sheets/hour

The machine is repaired and serviced on an ongoing basis.

The machine can be viewed at OPAK Sp. z o.o. sp.k. in Szczecinek

Price: EUR 130,000 net


DISTECNO ULTRA 2000 CLAP PRODUCTION LINE WITH 4 COLOUR ROTATING CUTTING MACHINE, max. format 980mm x 2400mm, manufactured in 1998.

The machine is in production, available now.

Net machine dimension: 17mx4m

Capacity: up to 10,000/h depending on the size of the packaging and the mobility of the people on the feeder and pick-up.

The machine processes corrugated board from 330 g/m2 to 1,500 g/m2.

The machine is capable of producing without a folding and gluing machine, e.g. printing alone or printing and rotary cutting, e.g. for folding cartons .

Machine configuration:

Automatic vacuum belt feeder

4 printers ( 3 are installed in the machine and the 4th segment is outside)

Motorised slitter

Rotary punching machine

Gluer folding and stacking machine

Nordson glue system

Technical details:

Maximum format with skip feed: 1280mm x 2400mm

Maximum format without skip feed: 980mm x 2400mm (sloter)

Maximum format supported by rotary cutter 980mm x 2200mm

Minimum sheet format: 600mm x 350mm

In this auction we are offering the DISTECNO ULTRA 2000 WITH ROTATING CUTTING MACHINE 4 COLOURS,

In case of interest we will make available demonstration films.

The machine can be viewed at OPAK Sp. z o.o. sp.k. in Szczecinek

Price: EUR 50,000 net

Mosca U-ATRI

We have to offer you a fully automatic packaging machine for almost all types of corrugated cardboard packaging .

PP 5 mm tape

Year of manufacture 1998

The machine has been out of production until the end of its operation in a plant with a high standard of maintenance.

Spare head and other parts for the machine

3,2 KW

400 V

5,8 A

50 Hz

Price: 85 000 thousand PLN net

Slotter + 3 kol. 840 x 1800

Machine available from stock

Can be viewed in operation

Price: 80 000 thousand PLN net