Multi-point gluers are an important pillar in the production of cardboard packaging. While it is easy to cut a large quantity of cardboard using die-cutting machines, gluing them together can often be challenging. The cut cardboard often has a complex structure that requires specialized tools for gluing. That’s why the choice of the appropriate machine configuration is crucial.

The machines most commonly chosen by customers are those designed for gluing cardboard at three or four points. They come in different sizes with various additional options that enhance the quality of gluing or the speed of the process. With our extensive experience, we always strive to provide valuable advice.

Budget-friendly solutions, such as a “wheel” glue system, can often be applied, or advanced gluing systems using spray nozzles can be used to accurately apply cold glue. Hot melt glue can also be used for bonding.


Installation of the multi-point gluer at the customer’s site.

Machine acceptance at the manufacturer’s facility.

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