Opak Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., based in Szczecinek, has been operating in the market for 30 years and has been involved in the sale of new and used machines from around the world for over 25 years. In addition to machines, we also offer servicing and spare parts. The majority of our sales consist of new machines produced in China, each of which comes with a CE Certificate – a manufacturer’s declaration that the marked product meets the requirements of the European Union directive. We represent and are the direct representative in the Polish market for several Chinese factories producing machines for the production and processing of corrugated cardboard. We also have our representative working for us in Shanghai. A wide range of machines can be viewed at our company before making a purchase.

Since 2010, we have sold over 100 machines in total. The majority of them have been purchased through leasing from various banks.

We are frequent exhibitors at international and domestic packaging and corrugated cardboard trade fairs. We would like to add that we have gained the trust of many well-known packaging manufacturers in Poland and abroad, who come back to us for further purchases and investments through our intermediation.

Most machines can be seen at our company headquarters and at our customers’ locations throughout Poland before making a purchase.

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